Barcode Wristbands
Column:BLOG Time:2018-01-19

    Printing a barcode is a basic, yet fool proof method of improving accuracy with access and identification.

    It is very common these days to see barcodes used on concert tickets. In fact, some ticketing companies only provide digital tickets, which are only validated with a unique bar code.

    Taking this tried and tested technology, and applying barcodes to wristbands helps an event increase its security as well as its operational efficiencies.

    In 2014, barcode wristbands were used to speed-up arena access for the 50,000 fans at the Isle of Wight Festival. The same technology was also used to link children's wristbands to the contact details of their parents, in case they got lost.
Bar code wristbands can be made in Tyvek, vinyl and fabric materials.