Six ways to preserve your festival wristband without being a gremlin
Column:BLOG Time:2018-01-26

    Don’t keep these bacteria-magnets on your wrists - do this instead Festivals are best enjoyed when they’re completely gross. When you go four days without showering. When sweat threatens to envelop your entire body. When you consume tinned peaches and consider it nutritious. Ever had a much-needed post-festival bath, while realising that what looked like a lovely suntan is actually a nasty coating of dirt? Exactly.
Last year it was revealed that – surprise surprise – rolling around in mud, drinking stupid amounts and neglecting hygiene for a week isn’t actually that good for you. In fact, according to a study at the University Of Surrey, a festival wristband left to rot and fester for two years can contain “a concentration of around 9,000 micrococci and 2,000 staphylococci bacteria on them.” In other words, if you keep those on your wrist, you might as well sprinkle ground on your salad.
   But those nasty, stringy, worn wristbands are also caked in nostalgia. Each time you stare at a faded, favourite wristband, you’re reminded of the time you witnessed some of the best bands in the world in the company of thousands. Staring at a bare wrist doesn’t have the same effect.