What else can RFID wristband do?
Column:BLOG Time:2018-04-11

What else can RFID wristband do?

More than 40 festivals around the world have used RFID woven wristband technology to offer fast-track entry, cashless payments and perhaps the most exciting bit - integration with social media.

Yes – after buying a ticket online, you'll have the option to link your RFID woven wristband to your Facebook or Twitter account, enabling you to post, Tweet, share and like all your favourite parts of the festival.

Footage from last year's Bonnaroo festival in Tennessee, show's how RFID woven wristbands helped generate 1.9 million Facebook likes.

In the UK, wristbands were used at some festivals last summer including the Isle of Wight, Wireless and Wakestock. An estimated 3.5 million festivalgoers around the word have now used them.